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Humanity First for Illinois, through our political action committee, offers a limited number of endorsements for candidates across the board in the State of Illinois each year.
We require each candidate to apply to be considered for a Humanity First for Illinois PAC endorsement.
Endorsements are on a rolling, per-election cycle basis, meaning a candidate must apply for an endorsement from Humanity First for Illinois PAC each time they appear on a ballot.
Humanity First for Illinois PAC reserves the right to revoke an endorsement at any time if an endorsed candidate does not meet our Humanity First for Illinois standards, or rejects a core Humanity First for Illinois value.

The form, which can also be found HERE, is the first step in our endorsement process. Candidates who fully complete the form may expect to receive a response within 1-2 weeks. Not all information is optional, but all information must be self-reported.


Staff or volunteers may not fill out this form on behalf of a candidate.


In completing and submitting this form, the candidate agrees that they:

  • Will be over the age of 18 on Election Day,

  • Are eligible by law to become a candidate, and

  • Agree to the endorsement process which includes this application, an interview, extensive social media review, public record searches, and personal history searches via open-source materials.