Winter 2020 Cohort

The Humanity First for Illinois Winter 2020 Internship  Program launched on December 14, 2020, and ended on January 29, 2021.​

4 Intern Candidates joined the Humanity First for Illinois Team for 6 weeks of supporting the research, education, and advocacy of our Four Points Forward platform and our ongoing engagement with our stakeholders.


Our 4 Candidates came to the Humanity First for Illinois Team from:


  • DePaul University,

  • ​Northern Illinois University, and

  • ​University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Humanity First for Illinois Internship Program is an educational, stakeholder-focused civic program. All Winter Intern Candidates will work together as a unitied cohort to to reflect each week on their community impact and complete a civic engagement project before the end of their term.

The Humanity First for Illinois Team is excited to be able to support each member of the Winter 2020 Cohort throughout their term. Regular professional development activities are planned that are both manager-led and self-identified. In accordance with our Guiding Principles, the Humanity First for Illinois Internship Program celebrates each of our interns and empowers them to seek out information and knoweldge to prepare them for careers in their respective fields.

Any and all questions about the Winter 2020 Program or the Humanity First for Illinois Internship Program itself can be directed to

Civic Engagement Project

Guide to COVID-19 Economic Relief for Small Businesses
Paige Dubois, Elizabeth Whitcomb, Sara Frankiewicz, & Gabriel Aco

"When deciding which stakeholder to center the project around, we thought about who was negatively impacted by the pandemic.  We chose businesses, then narrowed down to small businesses. The reason we selected this group is due to the disproportionate impact Covid-19 has had on revenue for small businesses in comparison to corporations. Between quarantines, closures, and restrictions, small businesses have struggled to stay open, as well as keep business coming in when they are able to open, proving they need help."

 Elizabeth Whitcomb
Democratic Reform

Elizabeth Whitcomb is a second-year student at DePaul University. She is pursuing a Bachelor's in Political Science with a double minor in both Spanish and Psychology. On campus, Elizabeth is Vice-President of Honors Student Government where she strives to create an inclusive community among honors students. During her time as a fellow with One Campaign for Michigan, Elizabeth discovered a passion for the promotion of democracy and voter education. She hopes to advocate for positive change throughout her life and professional career. Elizabeth is excited to serve as a Democratic Reform Intern and learn more about the policies that shape democracy in Illinois. When she is not at school or working, Elizabeth enjoys exploring Chicago on foot.