Illinois is Suffering.

​For too long, the Chicago Machine has dictated
how WE the People live and work.

From Galena to Anna, from the Gold Coast to East St Louis,
we all share the same struggle of working to make ends meet
while elected officials shape our state for them, not for WE the People.

We're here to fight back.

WE the People have the power to change this great state with Humanity First.

What does Humanity First mean?

It means paying it Four Points Forward.

A Green Future for Illinois

In less than a decade, Illinois has received 2 Presidential Disaster Declarations for historic flooding. Each year, flood waters erode our lakefront, flood our homes, and wash away industry.


Fossil fuels continue to represent well over one-third of Illinois's total electrical generation. Effective lobbying by competing interests have bankrupted the state's Renewable Energy Credits fund.


A Green Future for Illinois means using market solutions to decarbonize Illinois's electricity. It means smart policies to protect WE the People from the ever-increasing climate threats. It means committing to incentives for renewable technology. It means helping our farmers and small businesses mitigate the impacts of climate change.

A Green Future for Illinois
Term Limits, Ranked Choice Voting

Illinois is broken. WE the People are ignored by our elected officials. Business interests and corruption are the name of the game. Our voices are not heard. We can change that and take back our state.


Expanding Democracy to WE the People means imposing term limits on all elected officials statewide. It means instituting Ranked Choice Voting so that WE the People can maximize our voices. It means finally allowing the voices of WE the People to be heard through direct legislation.

Expanding Democracy to WE the People
Educated ad Debt-Free Workforce

College tuition in Illinois has continued to rise each year. The average graduate leaves school with at least $29,000 in student debt in 2017, which was higher than the national average.

We know that this has only gotten worse as tuition continues to rise and student debt levels remain unchecked.

An Educated and Debt-Free Illinois Workforce means eliminating tuition for all community colleges, trade schools, and 4-year public universities. It means ensuring affordable access to graduate programs for all Illinoisains to be able to pursue their dreams. It means working with Congress to pass comprehensive student debt relief legislation to unleash the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of an entire generation.

An Educated and Debt-Free Workforce

Coming Soon:

Candidate Information Portal

We are committed to launching a Candidate Information Portal by mid-summer 2021 to inform voters on where our leaders stand on paying it Four Point Forward in Illinois.

Policy Briefings

We will be publishing our plans for each of our Four Points thay explain how we will put Humanity First without raising taxes on the hardworking people of Illinois.