Humanity First for Illinois PAC Endorses Dustin Good for Elgin City Council


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Humanity First for Illinois PAC Announces Four Points Forward Endorsement of Dustin Good for Elgin City Council

CHICAGO – Humanity First for Illinois PAC (HFIL) announced its Four Points Forward endorsement of Dustin Good for the 2021 Consolidated General Election race for Elgin City Council.

Dustin Good comes from a working-class background and has ten years of experience volunteering in Elgin. He is running a 100% resident-funded campaign and advocating for a Housing First program in Elgin. His ultimate goal is to help Elgin recover while ensuring everyone has a seat at the table.

Upon announcing his candidacy for Elgin City Council, Good made it clear that he is a candidate committed to rebuilding trust within the community and increasing civic and social participation. Good believes that paying it Four Points Forward in Elgin is the best way to drive sustainability, create opportunities for investment, and build a strong community for the 21st century.

Statement from HFIL Executive Director Ralph Yaniz on the grassroots group’s endorsement of Good:

“Humanity First for Illinois PAC is proud to stand with Elgin City Council candidate Dustin Good in the upcoming election. Our Four Points Forward platform is critical to changing the status quo in Illinois. Dustin Good is committed to these ideals and we will work with him and all others interested in a new future in Illinois.— Ralph Yaniz, Executive Director, Humanity First for Illinois PAC

Statement from Dustin Good on receiving HFIL’s Four Points Forward endorsement:

“It is with great excitement that I announce my endorsement from Humanity First for Illinois PAC. As we seek to come back from the impacts of COVID-19, I believe the most important areas we need to focus on is trust in our institutions and each other. The only way to achieve this is to build with all of our residents and prove our commitment via action. My professional life is built around this tenet, and I plan to expand my impact by partnering with Humanity First for Illinois while also helping Elgin become a leader among progressive communities in Illinois.” — Dustin Good

About Humanity First for Illinois PAC: Humanity First for Illinois PAC is a grassroots, people-driven political organization fighting for Humanity First initiatives in Illinois and for candidates up and down the ballot who will fight with us at the local, state, and federal levels. We believe that when WE the People have the power, great change can be made. Humanity First for Illinois PAC is not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


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