Humanity First for Illinois Appoints New Board Member Alia Sarfraz, CEO of AIA, Inc.


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Humanity First for Illinois Appoints New Board Member

Alia Sarfraz, CEO of Acts International Artists, Inc.

CHICAGO – Humanity First for Illinois (HFIL) is excited to announce Alia Sarfraz, CEO of Acts International Artists, Inc. has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Ms. Sarfraz brings her global experience and strategic business knowledge that will help to strengthen the organization’s impact in Illinois.

Ms. Sarfraz joined the board last week and shared the following statement, –-“Joining the Board of Directors with Humanity First for Illinois means to me a shared belief in a vision and goal for Illinois, built on grassroots and community-driven efforts that can guarantee giving people a right to a safe, healthy, and prosperous life. We will do this together, and I am honored to be part of an organization that believes in the power of the people to support their research, education and advocacy.”

Ms. Sarfraz has a background in science and law and has worked on governmental initiatives and law reform proposals working for communities in Australia and the USA. Previously, she was a 2020 Illinois political candidate for the House of Representatives in District 52 on a Green platform.

Ms. Sarfraz joins the organization as it starts ramping up for political activities in the spring and summer months. Her role on the board will represent the Northeastern Illinois communities that include Cook and as far west as DeKalb county. Ralph Yaniz, Executive Director of Humanity First for Illinois said “It is exciting to have Alia Sarfraz joining our board of directors at Humanity First for Illinois, I am looking forward to working with her to build our presence in her region of the state. We have lots of exciting possibilities!”

Jay La Plante, who currently sits on the board said “I am excited to welcome Alia Sarfraz to the Humanity First for Illinois Board of Directors representing Northeastern Illinois.” Alia is a proven advocate for the people of Illinois, both in and out of politics. I am looking forward to Alia's tenure with the Board and her support in moving our progressive platform forward for a better future for all of us.

Sarfraz brings with her a global perspective in assessing legal and political issues and concerns. Her career as a legal consultant and paralegal representing clients in a plaintiff and defendant capacity has given her the expertise necessary to advocate for communities locally and internationally. She also formerly volunteered at the Center for African Affairs and Global Peace (CAAGLOP) as a professional blogger that actively created spaces that encouraged essential civil participation, consultation, and transformation as part of her role. As a mother of two daughters, Ms. Sarfraz believes that she has what it takes to make the best advocate for the needs of Illinois citizens with Humanity First for Illinois.

About Humanity First for Illinois: Humanity First for Illinois is a grassroots, people-driven political organization fighting for Humanity First initiatives in Illinois and for candidates up and down the ballot who will fight with us at the local, state, and federal levels. We believe that when WE the People have the power, great change can be made. Humanity First for Illinois hosts the Humanity First for Illinois Internship Program, which brings together top university students and lifelong learners from across the state in a safe, pragmatic learning environment to support our mission areas of research, education, and advocacy. Humanity First for Illinois is not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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