Reaffirming our commitment to Respect, Trust, and Equity and centering the 'Humanity'

Updated: Dec 29, 2020


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Reaffirming our commitment to Respect, Trust, and Equity

and centering the 'Humanity' in Humanity First

JOLIET Humanity First for Illinois PAC is a grassroots, people-driven organization that seeks to bring about change in Illinois by harnessing the power of WE the People to take back our government and build a society that we can all be proud of from all corners of this great state, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

Recently, members of the same movement that share our name have been engaged in inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, libel and slander against members of the same community merely over disagreements over the direction of the movement in question.

Moreover, it is an unspoken understanding in many of our communities that the movement that claims to put humanity above all else does not actually represent them.

It is for these reasons that Humanity First for Illinois PAC strives to be reflective of the diversity of the great state of Illinois and was founded upon the Guiding Principles of Respect, Trust, and Equity.

Humanity First for Illinois PAC emphatically disavows any member of any community or movement who puts their own personal beliefs, be they about themselves, politics, or society, above the needs of their local community and the needs of the United States of America.

Humanity First for Illinois PAC will continue on our path and will continue to proudly put Humanity First above all else. We welcome anyone in the great state of Illinois, and anyone across this country, who believes that a basis of respect, trust, and equity is a requisite for any movement that puts Humanity First to join us and build a better Illinois tomorrow, today.

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