Humanity First for Illinois PAC Calls for Illinois to Introduce Emergency Universal

Updated: Dec 29, 2020


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Humanity First for Illinois PAC Calls for Illinois to Introduce

Emergency Universal Basic Income Stimulus Package for Illinois Residents

JOLIET – Humanity First for Illinois PAC supports the decision of the State of Illinois to close all dine-in service at bars restaurants starting today, Monday, March 16, 2020 at 9:00 p.m.. The decision made by Governor J. B. Pritzker represents clear and decisive leadership acting in the public interest to protect the people of Illinois from the COVID-19 disease.

However, the decision has come at an already tumultuous time for hospitality workers and other workers in industries across the state. The decision to mandate the closing of all dine-in service at bars and restaurants statewide will have significant financial ramifications for hospitality workers and their families across Illinois as well as their local communities.

Today, the Hospitality Business Association of Chicago expects the first layoffs to occur as a result of the decision to close dine-in service in the interest of public health. Currently, no comprehensive financial support package has been introduced at the state level, nor has a comprehensive package passed at the federal level, to fully and effectively address the needs of the people of Illinois.

With an economy of $860b and federal financial support coming from President Donald J. Trump invoking the Robert T. Stafford Disaster and Emergency Relief Act, Illinois has the resources at its disposal to introduce immediate emergency measures to ensure the financial health of all of its residents.

We are therefore calling on Governor J. B. Pritzker and our state officials in Illinois to introduce an emergency Illinois Universal Basic Income Stimulus package of $500 per resident each month until COVID-19 is deemed to not present a public threat by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

This stimulus package will serve as a significant first step in alleviating the financial hardship that has been caused and that will be caused to workers and communities statewide by COVID-19 and the ensuing decision by Governor J. B. Pritzker to close dine-in services at all bars and restaurants across Illinois.

Media contact: Jay La Plante,

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